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Episode 50 - Faith over fear

Sometimes you just have to have faith over fear.

I started with fear and decided to give faith a try. Want to take a guess on how that played out?

Yep! Faith won! In this episode I explain why having faith over fear can really pay off in the end...read more

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Episode 49 -  How do you manage your energy?

Do you always have a lot of energy? Or do you not have any energy?

I recently spoke at an event and people were commenting about my energy saying how I had a lot of it.

Well, I had a lot of good energy during that event because I have learned how to manage it.

Let me explain...read more

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Episode 48 -  Mom and Dad, This is For You

My parents hold a very special place in my heart and today I just want to honor them.

There are people in your life for a reason, there are people in your life for a season and there are people in your life for a lifetime.

Thank you Mom and Dad for always supporting me through my journey...read more

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Episode 47 -  SPECIAL Episode for my most SPECIAL person

 This is such a special episode for me.

Today I celebrate 20 years of marriage with my queen, my amazing wife, my best friend and wonderful mother to my children.

Mrs. Todd, this one is you for you!...read more

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Episode 46 -  7 Reason Why You Should Attend a Live Event

Yes it’s true…I’m doing a live event in June in Orlando!

I’m hoping you can get a little insight and inspiration from this when it comes to moving forward with things in your life during times of uncertainty.

In this episode I explain why it is important to attend a live event...read more

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Episode 45 - A Message I know You Need To Hear

Life can be rough sometimes. I know we have all had our fair share of it over the last year.

Have you ever been passed up on an opportunity that you know you are qualified and actually good at?

Well, I have been there and in this episode, I share a story of a family member that just went through this...read more

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Episode 44 - Why Marketing and Sales Should Be Taught In School

Would you be further along in your career if you were taught marketing and selling in school?

I honestly feel that you may be. Marketing and selling is such an important part of growing and scaling your business.

In this episode I explain why this should have been taught in school...read more

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Episode 43 - The Bottleneck

Are you burned out in your job or career?

I believe one of the main reasons for this is bottlenecking. Now I know you may be thinking, what in the heck are you talking about?

Well, in this episode I explain what it is to bottleneck in your current situation and how to get out of it...read more

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Episode 42 - The Money Heist

Now I know some may think I am going to talk about money and I guess I kind of am.

I watched this show called The Money Heist on Netflix, and it actually teaches you a good story.

Let me explain...read more

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Episode 41 - If You are 6 Figures in Debt After School...You NEED to Hear This!

This week I interviewed one of my students, who helps healthcare professionals learn how to manage their finances and become financially literate.

Here’s the deal… I want to make people comfortable talking about money.

Because what I have really come to understand is that those that don’t talk about money end up doing the wrong things because of… You got it....money.

Amber and I talked about it on this episode of the Wealth Code Secrets. I think you’ll find it quite enlightening. Give it a listen 🎧

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Episode 40 - Curse of the Clinician

Are you bound by the curse of the clinician?

Now if you aren't a clinician, it's ok...it applies to you too.

I talk about the different curses and how you can break the dreaded curse once and for all!