This podcast is where we will teach you how to prioritize what truly matters so you can make the rest of your life the best of your life

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Episode 79 -  You ask, I answer!

On social media I have been asking my followers to ask questions/or answer certain questions I asked.

So I decided to do a podcast sharing some shocking responses I got...read more

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Episode 78 - Should you do a PT Residency?

I am sure a lot of you have asked yourself this question.


I.AM.FIRED.UP on this topic!

So ya know what...let's just get into it...read more

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Episode 77 - Are you winning the time game?

Have you stopped to think if you are actually playing the time game, let alone winning it?

Over 10 years ago, when I was working corporate, I never even thought about the time game. I was thinking about only the money game.

But, one day I realized that wasn't good enough for me or my family.

Let me tell you about what happened...

Take the Lifestyle Quiz - www.gregtoddtv.com/lifestyle

Join the Raise Your Income Challenge - www.raiseyourincomechallenge.com   read more

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Episode 76 - How rich are you?

Over the years, my definition and perspective on wealth has changed.

I used to think making $100k was me being rich, until I earned it and realized it wasn't to me anymore.

Then it was $500k and I was like NO WAY! Now I am rich!

But, it isn't like that anymore.

I wanted to share with you my new way of thinking on wealth...read more

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Episode 75 - Do you ever play the comparison game?

The thing is, we all do.

We all have been there where we compare ourselves to others.

I want to share a story of something that happened with my friend...read more

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Episode 74 - Why I Quit...Quitting

That sounds weird right? How can you quit, quitting?

It's actually pretty simple.

I talk about the reasons why I quit quitting and how it has completely changed my mindset and life around...read more

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Episode 73 - Do you have what it takes?

I get asked this one question the most out of any other question...and that is, "Do I have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?"

I wanted to share my response to that.


It may surprise you...read more

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Episode 72 - Do you like your boss?

I have had many bosses throughout my working career, and they were all pretty good.

But, you know who the toughest boss I have had?

Me. Yep, me.

Let me explain...read more

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Episode 71 -  Who has done more good for the world?

I am currently reading a book and one of the questions in the book asks, "Who has done more for the world? Mother Theresa or Bill Gates?"

I'd love for us to have a discussion about this topic, so I am encouraging you to listen to this episode and then email or message me...read more

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Episode 70 -  Have you felt this after coming back from vacation?

Do you feel like you need a vacation...after a vacation?

Well, that is exactly how I have felt for many years after coming back from vacation. I have felt anxious in the days leading up to going "back to work".

But...not anymore. I just came back from a week-long vacation with my family and for the first time in many years, I didn't feel anxious.

Want to know why? Let me explain...read more

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Episode 69 -  Ask yourself this one question

If you truly desire to have a lifestyle business, I need you to ask yourself this one question.

I know that if I would have asked myself this sooner in life, I would've had a lifestyle business years ago.

Let me explain...read more