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Episode 68 -  How to protect your gifts

Now some of you may be thinking about physical gifts, and I guess in some cases I am...but I am talking about protecting the gift you have been given by a higher power.

It could be speaking to an audience, it could be giving great advice, it could even mean your time.

What happens when you over-exert yourself using your gifts?

In this podcast episode, I explain what happened to me when I didn't protect my gift...read more

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Episode 67 - Can you become a millionaire being a healthcare professional?


Becoming a millionaire seems like a long-term goal, a very long-term goal to some of you. It may also seem impossible to some.

I recently did a FB video on this subject because a group that I belong to, someone asked if someone knew a PT millionaire...and I just had to answer them. Check it out here --> Greg Todd

So, in this podcast episode, I wanted to elaborate more and I am here to tell you it is possible...it is possible by doing this...read more

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Episode 66 - My takeaways from the SSHC Live 2021 event

If you didn't get a chance to go to this years live event...you missed out!

BUT, there is still hope for you! You can get the recordings now and experience the HYPE show (and also learn a lot).

We had some amazing speakers and I wanted to share some of my biggest takeaways from the event...read more

Get the recordings here -> https://www.gregtoddtv.com/offers/zDCfXo8v

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Episode 65 - How to change someone's life in minutes...

Yes minutes...

This past weekend was SSHC Live 2021 and if you missed out on it, I am truly sorry. It was beyond amazing and life changing!

In this episode I talk about how you can actually change someone's life in minutes with simply doing one thing. Let me explain...read more

P.S. If you missed SSHC Live 2021 and would like to get the recordings, you can do so here!

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Episode 64 - Freedom ain't free

Yesterday was Memorial Day. We honored and remembered those who lost their lives so we can be free.

Here was my message from yesterday...read more

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Episode 63 - Not everyone knows what you know

Sometimes in life we talk to other people and just expect them to know what we are talking about or how to do something that we know how to do.

Sometimes we hold back on things because we feel like that other person already knows it.

But ya know what...not everyone knows what we know. In this episode I talk how just because you know how to do something, doesn't mean others do...read more

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Episode 62 - Mission Over Man

In this episode I talk about the mission over man and what happens when it becomes man over mission.

I have experienced the latter and when I learned from that, that is when things really started happening for me.

I was more true to myself...read more

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Episode 61 - Entrepreneurship vs Traditional Schooling - Featuring Adryana Todd Part 2

In this episode, Adryana talks about how her doing homeschooling is somewhat like entrepreneurship.

She shares her experience with doing homeschool for the past 2 years and how it has shaped her outlook of her future...read more

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Episode 60 -  In Sickness and In Health - Featuring Adryana Todd Part 1

Something recently happened and I wanted to share it with you.

I feel like it is an important message that sometimes the show must go on.

I have a special guest with me today, my amazing daughter, Adryana to help me explain what happened...read more

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Episode 59 -  Do you even know what you want?

Like really? Do you even know what you actually want out of life?

We always know what we DON'T want, but what about what you DO want?...read more

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Episode 58 -  Some of the top reasons people are leaving the healthcare profession...

One of my clients posted in a group that we belong to and asked what the top reason is for wanting to leave the healthcare field.

I was blown away by the top 10 that I kept seeing...I even had to add another 10!

Don't forget to Text "Burnout" to 727-353-1740 and let me which ones you relate to...read more