This podcast is where we will teach you how to prioritize what truly matters so you can make the rest of your life the best of your life

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Episode 59 -  Do you even know what you want?

Like really? Do you even know what you actually want out of life?

We always know what we DON'T want, but what about what you DO want?...read more

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Episode 58 -  Some of the top reasons people are leaving the healthcare profession...

One of my clients posted in a group that we belong to and asked what the top reason is for wanting to leave the healthcare field.

I was blown away by the top 10 that I kept seeing...I even had to add another 10!

Don't forget to Text "Burnout" to 727-353-1740 and let me which ones you relate to...read more

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Episode 57 -  Killer B’s

No, I’m not talking about bees. In a way, I am lol but in this episode, I talk about the 3 B’s.

Trust me, it’ll all make sense once you listen...read more

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Episode 56 - What keeps you going?

Do you even know? Or are you just doing what you're doing to make money? Is that your only push to keep grinding?

To be honest, that is the reasoning for a lot of people. But, it doesn't have to be.

In this episode I talk about what keeps me going....and I can tell you now, it's not money...read more

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Episode 55 - What Game Are You Playing?

Are you playing the time game? How about the money game?

In this episode I explain how you can be playing both...read more

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Episode 54 - Practice makes perfect...right?

That is the saying that we have all heard. And some of it is true most of the time.

We all want to be good at everything. But, what if you could have the patience to be good at one thing really well?

Did that make sense? In this episode I talk about practice and how it can help you in your life...read more

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Episode 53 - The truth behind what it takes to have a lifestyle business

Many see fame and think, "man I wish I had that" or "they are so lucky to have that lifestyle".

But, what people don't know is the truth of what it takes to have that type of lifestyle.

That is what I wanted to talk about today; to share what it took me to get to a lifestyle business...read more

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Episode 52 - How to win at entrepreneurship

Since I have been an entrepreneur for some time now, I have figured out the 4 keys to winning at entrepreneurship.

I wanted to do this episode to really explain how to do these things so you can win!

That is what I want from you!

Let's get it!...read more

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Episode 51 - You can perfect something...do you know how?

By doing the damn thing!

I talked a little about this in an email I sent out yesterday, but I wanted to go another step further and explain more in this podcast.

There are three things to learn how to do something better...let me show you the way...read more

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Episode 50 - Faith over fear

Sometimes you just have to have faith over fear.

I started with fear and decided to give faith a try. Want to take a guess on how that played out?

Yep! Faith won! In this episode I explain why having faith over fear can really pay off in the end...read more

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Episode 49 -  How do you manage your energy?

Do you always have a lot of energy? Or do you not have any energy?

I recently spoke at an event and people were commenting about my energy saying how I had a lot of it.

Well, I had a lot of good energy during that event because I have learned how to manage it.

Let me explain...read more