Make more money while using less of your time with your gifts as a PT! It’s 2018 and it’s time to say “Screw You” to Old School Thinking!

SSPT Live is a one of a kind event, that teaches PTs how to brand themselves and learn how to get the message out to people about the value of physical therapy. We will create real action items, identify problems and create realistic solutions, as well as give you what you need the most - the knowledge to succeed.

Our aim is to have every attendee experience that breakthrough moment where key pieces of information link together to form the knowledge you’ve been needing to solve problems, build your brand, take back control of your time and resources, give you work/life balance and to bring your career to the next level.

You will be stoked, pumped and most importantly, equipped to take your career into your own hands. To be fully in control of your future as a PT.

Be Prepared. Be ready to take notes, to network, to laugh, and to work hard. SSPT live will be fun, but it isn’t a vacation (at least not completely) - you’re going to learn from the best in the world, and you’ll need to make the most of the opportunity. SSPT live will be a life-changing experience and you will meet some of the most amazing people in the PT industry. That is a guarantee!!!


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