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What is Smart Success PT?

An online course (lifetime access) that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make more money as a PT, improve your worth to your employer, gain more time for yourself and family by learning the most current leverage strategies as a PT.


Step by step instructions on how to have a relevant and gratifying career as a Physical Therapist in today's healthcare era.


Join a community of energetic like-minded PTs! Expand your network and connections with the right PTs that will push you towards achieving your professional goals. 


Whether it is to own a PT practice one day or get increased compensation from your employer, you will learn how to brand yourself as a PT and learn impactful strategies to separate yourself from other PTs from day 1! 

What did you learn from Smart Success PT that totally changed your idea of what you can do as a PT?




Module 1 - Welcome and Mindset

2 Lessons


Learn the most important information that you need to understand to become a super successful PT in today's market.

Hint: It's not what they taught you in school. Once you understand this, the floodgates will open with unlimited opportunities.

I share with you the top books, audiobooks and podcasts in all the major areas needed to develop yourself into a well rounded PT that people will want to work with and do business with.


Module 2 - Career Goal Setting for the Physical Therapist

3 Lessons


PT school teaches us how to be a generalist.  In this module, I teach you how to do that in a way that is not overwhelming but allows you to have meaning and purpose throughout your entire career.

I teach you the 12 things you should look for in an employer. Once you understand this, you will know if they are a right fit for you to achieve the goals that YOU want. There are certain red flags that you should know obefore you take a job that could stifle your career. 

In this lesson I teach you the 10X rule. This is what I have used over my PT career to achieve all of my career goals.

Module 3 - Learning Insurance and Negotiating Salaries

3 Lessons

1 Hour and 12mins

Before interviewing for a physical therapy job, it's important that you understand the financial setup for the facility you choose to work for. You will have a complete understanding of how reimbursement fully works with all different insurance payor types.

Now that you understand insurance management, we use this lesson to reverse engineer everything and decide what salary we want from our employer. This is a total game changer when a PT comes into a job interview and understands these things!


Let's get ready for that job interview! I show you how to impress your potential employer during your interview. I explain the key questions to ask so that you don't make a big mistake with selecting employment!


Module 4 - Marketing for PTs

42 Lessons

7 Hours and 21mins

Relevant marketing is the key to building your brand and your career as a PT. You have to understand how to market yourself if you want to win big in this profession! In this module, I will teach you relevant marketing strategies for today's PT!


How do I build up my first PT website? I actually take you step-by-step on how to build out a free WordPress site. 

I give you access to the top rated talk I did at the 2015 Annual APTA PPS conference on social media. I presented this presentatation again for non-practice owners in order to emphasize the importance of social media, blogging and technology for the PT.

I go through how I have built my massive following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, live video platforms and Pinterest. There is a certain strategy and technique to doing this so that you can be super successful and you can build relationships in a much quicker fashion.

Module 5 - Integrating Health and Wellness 

14 Lessons

1 Hour and 45mins

This is where the magic happens. How about having a second job that doesn't involve you leaving your house, and at the same time takes care of your patients beyond what insurance dictates! It helps you develop long-term relationships with your patients, build your personal brand, while making additional income!

How do I pull it off? It's through warming up the patient to all the things that I can offer to them. One of the ways I do this is through using certain home exercise program platforms… I go through how to use these platforms in a step-by-step fashion.

How often are we recommending products to our patients?

All the time!!!

Do you realize that you can become an affiliate for virtually any company, and make a side income while getting your patients better? In these lessons, I show you how to do all of that for free!

Module 6 - Finances

5 Lessons


It's important that YOU are being taken care of as a clinician. The financial responsibility to be a physical therapist today can be very overwhelming.

In this module, Will Butler, a physical therapist-turned financial advisor, helps us tackle these areas and get your finances in order.


He talks about:

1. The things that you need to have in place with regards to your financial situation right out of PT school. 
2. The consequences of the lack of planning on your PT career. 
3. Things to consider as you decide what to do with your loans.
4. Is it the right time to invest if you have substantial debt?

Module 7 - Clinical 

19 Lessons

2 Hours and 52mins

If you want respect from the community, you have to learn how to talk their language when explaining the conditions that we treat. In this section, I bring you through exactly how I explain the most common orthopedic conditions that I see.


I take you through the initial evaluation process and how to break it down in a simplified manner. This can be very overwhelming for many physical therapists, especially new grads and DPT students. This will dramatically improve your ability to get through the subjective and objective information quicker so that you can have more time to explain to the patient their condition and how physical therapy will help. 

Simplifying treatments. We break down how treatment sessions should be looked at. The importance of having a basic plan of what the patient will be doing and explaining that to them on a consistent basis will create daily value during your treatment sessions and decrease your cancellation and no-show rates.

My secret sauce as a physical therapist has been in my ability to explain conditions to patients that they actually understand. It creates an instant credibility with your patient. In this section, I explain 13 of the most common orthopedic conditions that physical therapists see… And I show you exactly how I explain it to my patients using the complete anatomy application.

Module 8 - The Road to PT Business Ownership

6 Lessons

1 Hour and 29mins

My goal for every student that takes this course is for you to bring massive value to your employer… But what if your employer doesn't see the value in these things?


Then it's time for you to open up your own practice! In this section, I bring you through all of the metrics that I have used to measure and build my million dollar outpatient physical therapy business.




BONUS #1: Payor type and PT mix scenario: I can promise you that by time you watch this video and study it, you are going to be light years ahead of any physical therapist, with your mastery of insurance. This video shows the difference between certain insurances, and how that is going to dictate how many patients you're going to see per hour for your organization to be profitable. You will never be taken advantage of again after mastering this. $247 value

BONUS #2: Anatomy of a cash-based PT clinic: this is a presentation from Aaron LeBauer, a DPT who opened up his own cash-based practice directly out of school! He explains everything that embodies his cash-based practice, and how he was able to do this for under $3000. After listening to this, you will realize that the investment into starting a practice doesn't have to be a burden. $179 value

Bonus #3: Creating a Podcast is pretty easy to do, and it's a powerful way of communicating with current and potential future patients. I bring you through step-by-step on how to create and edit your Podcasts. $179 value

BONUS #4: 8 weeks of Facebook live calls! My individual consulting rate is $300 per hour… And once you have coaching by me live, you'll understand why!! You get eight weeks of me drilling down through each module, and answering any questions that you have as you go through the course. $2400 value

BONUS #5: Facebook ads!!!! The most powerful marketing tool in 2016/2017! 

How do you setup ads? I show you exactly how to do this in 7 separate lessons! $1000 value

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"One of the biggest things Smart Success PT taught me was that you don't have to rely on physician referrals only. We're fighting over something like 7% of the patient population scraps when we could be going out and direct marketing to our patients that actually need us, that needs our services. I think a lot, a huge majority of the profession doesn't realize this. They just think that they have to keep on this old school way of thinking… as technology improves and everything else, we have to improve with it"


Dr. Christopher Ritchie, DPT

"As a clinician, Smart Success PT, it really just clarified and solidified everything that I saw for my career. All of the things that you want as a therapist and that you hope for as a health care provider and the way which you want to help people and the way which you want to be yourself and be authentic and stay true to who you are while also being a professional. Taking Smart Success PT makes me understand that's really the best way to do it because I feel in the corporate world that's not really in your program, your program to follow set rules and guidelines which from said company, kind of molded to fit in. it helps me understand and realize that who I am as a person shapes who I am as a clinician"


Dr. Chanelle J. Norman DPT

"Greg and his course, Smart Success PT, lays down how to deal with insurance, how to do better evaluations, just how to be more confident in your evaluations. It also teaches you how to take patients beyond their care and do wellness programs as well as the social media and marketing side of things which you can help run your own practice one day as well"


Andrew Kneeburg, DPT

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