Social Media 101: PT Practice Owners

What is the most impactful and economical way to generate new patients and cultivate relationships with existing patients? Social Media!
But how do you do it without it taking up much of your time?
I will show you a systematic approach that allows you to automate your marketing, while using your voice in less than 1 hour per week!
Implement these techniques and watch your PT Practice explode!


"Greg is innovative, creative and makes social media much less intimidating for those who are not as familiar with its interworking’s. I can’t thank Greg enough for his input and secrets to success with social media."

- Lisa Chase, PT, OMPT, President and CEO of Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy, Inc.


"Greg's knowledge, experience and ability to problem solve were exceptional.His consult and organizational skills have been an outstanding boost to taking our business forward."


- Tom Willet, Director  Worcester Physical Therapy Services Inc.

"Having followed his advice from this lecture, I have found that he couldn’t have been more accurate. Some of the success and experiences I have been fortunate to receive in my young career thus far has been strongly influenced by my social media presence. For that I owe a lot of credit to him for offering the initial spark and for mentoring me along the way and I am more than proud to consider him both a colleague and friend."


-Rich Severin PT, DPT, CCS 


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