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Bryan Brozy

Bryan is a Pre-PT, he took SSPT even before going to PT School. With SSPT, Bryan was able to take advantage of his networking abilities to help him with school. Even before going to PT School he has already plans on how he can ace his interview and market himself as a PT!


Alex Jasper

Alex is a senior at the University of Missouri and will be applying to physical therapy school in the fall of 2017. He was struggling in school and found Greg through his YouTube channel. Alex subscribed to Greg’s channel after watching his informative videos and later joined his Mentoring with Greg email list.

Alex was 15 years old when he was first exposed to physical therapy as a patient and immediately fell in love with the profession. Although he has always known he wanted to be a PT, he was somewhat hesitant at first to commit the time, schooling, and financial investment to become a DPT. It was through Greg’s content and videos that ultimately helped Alex break through barriers of personal stagnation and apply to physical therapy school.




Matt Hodgens

Matt is on his 3rd year on pursuing Doctor of Physical Therapy at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. He loves playing sports and nerding out over movies. He's huge Alabama fan and his other passion in life is food trucks. I want to own a grilled cheese food truck and bring the gift of movement and cheesy goodness to the masses!


Matthew Villegas

Matthew is a DPT student at Touro University Nevada. He was born and raised in Alameda, CA (East part of the San Francisco Bay Area). The first time I moved away from home was when I went to college at University of California, Irvine. Go Anteaters! His biggest drive to join the SSPT family was to learn more from Greg Todd.

While searching for advice to succeed on YouTube, he was perplexed when he discovered a PT talking without discussing a specific technique or school-related advice. He was looking into ways to do well in his coursework and on the NPTE (the board exam for PTs). Once he found Greg’s YouTube channel, he kept searching for more because he nailed one thing… motivate him.


Kristen Smith

Kristen is currently studying Physical Therapy in University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. Throughout the last two years in physical therapy school she always knew that she wanted something more for myself. She was excelling in all of her courses but still felt as though she was missing something in my life. She knew she had great plans for herself but she had no idea where to begin or how to execute any of it. People would always tell her that her ideas wouldn’t happen and that she was crazy.

It was nearly 7 months ago now that she heard about Greg through his YouTube channel. She started listening to him weekly and his messages were everything that she had been constantly searching for but was never able to find. She found out about Smart Success PT and, even though unsure how she was going to pay for it, she signed up for the course and it has drastically changed her outlook not only about the field of physical therapy, but life in general. 


Felicia Wenah

Felicia Wenah obtained a B.S. in Exercise Science and Fitness Management at Lamar University and a M.S. in Human Performance at Texas Southern University where she fine-tuned her knowledge and skills in human movement. Felicia is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences and is a physical therapy technician, certified personal trainer and wellness educator.




Alex Engar

Alex is the co-founder of the Healthcare Digital Marketing group and Healthy Funnel Academy. The difference that SSPT made in his life was getting connected to these group of people who had a huge vision of what they can accomplish in life. That for him was the biggest game-changer.


Joses Ngugi

Joses graduated Doctorate in Physical Therapy in August, 2017 from Andrews University.

He encountered a PT blog post on Facebook, written by one of his good friends Casey Coleman while he was on a clinical rotation in Mansfield, Ohio. At the time, Casey was a Second year student in his school’s PT program. Reading the blog led him to immediately contact Casey to inquire about how and why he had started putting up PT blog posts and more. It certainly caught his attention. It was beyond what they had been taught to do in PT school and HE WANTED IN! 


Kyle Rice

Kyle Rice is the founder of The PT Hustle. He's practicing physical therapist and NPTE consultant involved with helping aspiring and current PT’s succeed in physical therapy school and on the PT licensure exam. 

For Kyle, SSPT allowed him to show his true passion and the desire to make a huge difference.


Fallon Heddings

Fallon is a physical therapist near the Philadelphia, PA area. She completed her doctorate in physical therapy at Widener, where she got the opportunity to continue her passion of track and field as an assistant jumps coach. Track and field, injury prevention, and athletic performance is where her heart is. Now she has recently founded Elite Feet Performance to follow her dreams and help track and field athletes and coaches around the globe.


Javier Carlin

Javier has been passionate about fitness and wellness since the age of 15.

Javier did his undergraduate studies at Florida International University, where he received his bachelors in biological sciences. While in school, Javier explored many options for furthering his academic career. After much thought, his love for motivating and inspiring people to live happier, healthier lives led him to his decision to become a physical therapist. Javier is now one year away from graduating as a Doctor of Physical Therapy from FIU, he is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. 


Austin Win

Austin Win is a 3rd year DPT student at Florida International University who will be graduating in August 2017. He is also a registered dietitian/nutritionist and personal trainer whose passion is to help improve people’s quality of life through nutrition and exercise. He is certified by USA Weightlifting and received his strength and conditioning certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Austin is a strong believer in letting food and movement be your medicine. One of his career aspirations is to become a business owner of a clinic that provides a non-traditional approach to physical therapy in order to holistically optimize the health of his patients. During his free time he enjoys cooking, playing sports, and doing martial arts.

"Smart Success was a great investment in my mind because, first off, I’ve never been a materialistic type of person, I’m just off the bat there. But what I realized was once I got involved with Greg and - actually reminded me of one of the most probably well known investors of all time, Warren Buffett, and he says “invest in yourself. You are the person you want to invest the most."

Alex Jasper
Columbia, Missouri

"If you’re even thinking about Smart Success PT, you need to pull the trigger because you’re gonna get so much valuable information out of it that it’s not even questionable. I would pay double, triple of what I paid for already. It’s so well-rounded in so many aspects Greg brings to the table with it. Business, clinician wise, everything, it’s just an overall great investment that I wouldn’t even think twice about. No regrets of making this purchase."

Jeff Douglas
Tampa, Florida

"If I didn’t come across Smart Success PT, I would still be stuck working at my old job doing mediocre things within the clinic and making someone else’s dream work rather than my own. "

Bethany Nguyen
Steilacoom, Washington

Accelerate Your Career!



Will Boyd

Will recently graduated from PT school in December, 2016 and is passionate about working with older adults and patients who have been experiencing chronic pain. Outside of the clinic, he is the host of two podcasts, The Knowbodies Podcast and the Breaking Student Debt Podcast. Will ultimately hopes to be a part-time clinician and full-time media company owner in order to satisfy his interests in both fields.



Bethany Nguyen

Bethany is a physical therapist who graduated from George Fox University's DPT program. She is currently working on starting her own business resulting from the steadfast knowledge and support that she received through Greg and the SSPT course. Her first job as a new grad in a private outpatient practice led her to burn out only two months in.

She was desperate to search for more than just the same monotonous clinic that paid you X amount because of X amount of experience. Amongst many other reasons, she knew that there had to be more to the physical therapy career field. So she researched and eventually found Greg through his YouTube videos. Only four months after encountering Greg and taking his SSPT course, she boldly took the initiative to start her new journey with her own mobile OON practice. None of this would've been possible without the immense amount of real life applications that were taught in SSPT that helped her to leverage her skill set and capability to step out and become an anomaly.




Amanda Pye

When Amanda started PT school, she joined the DPT Students Facebook group to try to network and get through the grueling 3 years that lay ahead.  Although she can’t say that she spent a lot of time scrolling through the group, but there were posts that always caught her eye, and they were Greg’s posts. So she decided to friend him and join the Mentor with Greg email list.  From then on, she always knew that if she needed a pick-me-up, she could find it on his page or in the emails.  

She kind of got lost in the shuffle of grad school and had no idea that SSPT existed, until the 3rd season, and knew that she needed it!  At this point, she was a new grad PT, who had her first job, and was burnt out after only 3 months.  She knew there was something better out there, and SSPT was it!  



Pat McSweeney

Pat is a recent PT grad and got into the field for two to three months now. While being in the field, Pat realized that the traditional model of PT wasn't he was looking for. SSPT changed his mindset on what it takes to become a successful PT.




Raymond Agostino

Raymond is from Fort Myers, FL. He attended PT school at Florida Gulf Coast University and earned his DPT in May of 2015.  He began working in the outpatient orthopedic setting, and quickly became frustrated with how the medical field was being run by insurance companies, and physical therapists were catering to third party providers instead of to the patients that they were treating.  His frustrations were growing, and the autonomy that was promised in PT school never seemed to develop. 

He was beginning to look for an exit strategy.  Enter Greg Todd.  He related to Greg’s videos instantly.  It started with the hip hop music and the dancing, followed by powerful messages that resonated more and more with him every time he tuned in.  He thought; what can I do to get on this train?  How can I restore my passion for physical therapy?  How can I use my business background and physical therapy skills to help change the direction that this profession is headed? How can I restore my autonomy and not end up on my knees in front of physicians? His answer was SSPT.  


Jason Wright

Jason owns Wright Fit Physiotherapy a 100% cash based practice. Smart Success PT was a hundred percent investment that he knew he wanted to make. He was well into six figures of loan debt. There was no way out as a new grad PT to continue to do that. The outpatient, running the mill PT, and be able to do what you need to do without making that additional investment Smart Success PT.



Brianne Brown

Dr. Brianne Showman Brown works with both crossfitters and runners. She owns Get Your Fix Physical Therapy in Arizona.  Once she went through Smart Success PT and started utilizing it through the information she learned, her business started picking up steadily. She was at least getting more leads, engagements, and talking to more people through social media


"The one thing that I’ve taken away from Smart Success PT is I’ve developed confidence in myself. That started the first week of the course with personal development. When you learn to invest in yourself, your whole mindset and foundation transform just become supercharged. You are the most important thing to your success."

Matt Hodgens
Atlanta, Georgia

"The thing that Smart Success PT taught me was how to create my own brand and marketing myself as a physical therapist. That’s something they don’t teach in the PT curriculum. It’s definitely the best thing I got out of the course."

Jack Wong
Humble, Texas

"After Smart Success PT, I now have a way that after ten years of doing the rat race, which I have no desire to do anymore, I can comfortably slow down because I have other way of saving my patients beyond actually seeing them in the clinic. After Smart Success PT, I now have four additional income revenues when I was just looking for one. That’s the difference."

Danelle Dickson
Takoma Park, Maryland



Ian Killen

Ian Killen is a physical therapist and current clinical director of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Associates in California, PA. He graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College in 2012 Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science after winning the David E. Reemsnyder award as the top student in the School of Health Sciences.

He then furthered his education, attending the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Health Profession in Boston, graduating with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. Ian has been practicing in an outpatient orthopedic setting for 3 years with the main focus in treating orthopedic conditions, working with amateur and professional athletes, and combating chronic pain. He is a member of the APTA as well as the Private Practice section of the APTA.


Chanelle Yoder

Chanelle Yoder owns emBodyBoss that recently opened in bloomington Indiana. Smart Success PT clarified and solidified everything that she saw for her career. All of the things that you want as a therapist and that you hope for as a health care provider and the way which you want to help people and the way which you want to be yourself and be authentic and stay true to who you are while also being a professional. 



Jeremy Sutton

Jeremy Sutton owns Vivian Physical Therapy Inc. in Louisiana. For Jeremy Smart Success PT really fill the void that physical therapy school didn’t meet the need he had.  It taught him how to use Instagram and Facebook ads.  Jeremy now has YouTube channel now that he never knew he would ever had. It has been really been phenomenal for him learning the digital marketing side of physical therapy.


Francisco Maia

Francisco Maia owns ThK9PT - Canine Rehabilitation & Wellness that provides canine rehabilitation to your pet from the convenience of your home. With Smart Success PT, Francisco learned how to be more confident and believed on the value that he brings with his practice. 

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"100% recommend this course to physical therapist that wants to level up. If you don’t want to put the time in, it’s not for you. But if you want to put the time in and make yourself a better physical therapist, this is the course for you. "

Fallon Heddings
Chester, Pennsylvania

"For the students out there or yet to be DPT students, I would highly recommend taking this leap and doing this Smart Success PT course because you will feel so much more empowered financially and just with knowledge about what is out there in the field. What opportunities exist and how you don’t have to feel strapped down by the weight of that financial burden because you developed this plan to erase that and pursue your passion. "

Matthew Villegas
Henderson, Nevada

"I would recommend this to anyone who is in the physical therapy field is adding more value to yourself as a person and clinician because it comes to that holistic component that you have as clinician."

Felicia Wenah

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