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What Is Smart Success Healthcare?

Smart Success Healthcare is a 'no person left behind', 8-Week, virtual training for anyone who wants to catapult their career as a Healthcare Professional and escape the Time For Money Trap.

Join 600+ healthcare providers who made the decision to change their lives with the only tried and true coaching program that's proven to show you how to make more money as a provider, stop trading time for money, increase your worth to employers, and gain more time for yourself and family.

Who Is This For?

>> Healthcare Professionals who feel burnt out and know they are meant for more.
>> Healthcare Professionals who are hungry for success in our ever-changing fields.
>> Healthcare Professionals who are tired of trading time for money.
>> Healthcare Professionals who want coaching or need direction and guidance in their career or business.


Smart Success Healthcare is the Ultimate Online Academy for Healthcare Professionals!

If you are in healthcare and want to earn more... then you need to stop trading time for money. If you're looking into starting or growing your own healthcare business you can't afford to miss out on this.

One of the biggest reasons Healthcare Professionals struggle to find success with their career or business is because they miss a crucial step or do them in the wrong order.

But in SSHC, we break everything down in an easy to understand and implement method framework. 

Each week new training is released with additional live training to ensure you understand, do the work, and do it right.

Each member is also partnered with an accountability partner and coach to help you along the way and guarantee you do not fall behind.

There’s no question about what to do next, and you’ll create something you’re truly proud of!

"I would recommend Smart Success Healthcare because it gives you a new perspective on everything that you thought… after the program, you will look at things a different way and you now have the knowledge to separate yourself from everybody else. "

Josue Villanueva
Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) at Baylor Scott & White Health

"I would highly recommend Smart Success Healthcare because it will teach you marketing. While it is geared towards physical therapy, I think anybody could use an occupational therapist, massage therapist, anybody could use it."

Derek Nielsen
Physical Therapist, Philadelphia

"And if you can learn that, the skill set you'll learn at Smart Success, you can write your own ticket. You go from being just a confident therapist to a rockstar. You are the guy that everybody is gonna want. You’re the therapist that's always get demand because not only you know how to take care of the patients, but you know how to get more patients in the door. And there's not a company anywhere on this planet that doesn't want that ability in an employee. If I had to recommend what is it that you'll learn in Smart Success, it's bridging that gap between what they are not teaching you in PT school and what you really need to learn to rock it in the clinic."

Dwight Barnes
Physical Therapist, Long Beach

How Does It Work?

Smart Success Healthcare follows the P.A.C.T. (Programs, Accountability, Coaching & Tools) System to ensure members do not fall behind and that they have everything they need to succeed.

Programs - Once you enroll in Smart Success Healthcare, you'll receive new training every Monday-Thursday, each week for 8 weeks. Your training includes videos, walk-through tutorials, charts, PDF downloads, study guides, audio training and more.

We accommodate a variety of learning styles and release new training weekly to ensure you complete the right steps in the right order, and have time to implement as you go.

Accountability - All members are also paired with Accountability Partners and Accountability Coaches to minimize confusion and ensure no one gets left behind.

Coaching - Beyond the weekly programs, each week there with be live coaching and Q & A from past members sharing how they found extraordinary success in the program.

Tools - All members receive a 90-day Free Kajabi membership as well as access to many more tools and templates.


What if you could build a business while building your income at the same time? It’s possible and Smart Success Healthcare will show you how! 

In Smart Success Healthcare, not only will you receive step-by-step training, but you’ll also receive the tools, resources and support you need for success. 

You’ll have access to a community of people like you for inspiration and feedback. But unlike most online communities, we structure ours to eliminate fluff and promote laser focus - so you can get in, get what you need, and get things done! 

Lastly, you’ll have the support of our team. Your success and satisfaction is our number 1 priority, and we’re here to answer your questions, point you to the tools you need to reach your goals, and support you every step of the way.

Over 600+ Thrilled Healthcare Professionals Can't Be Wrong...


"Working with Greg is the best. It cracks me up. I only laugh because I never really knew what it’s like someone in my corner in the physical therapy world. In school, it seem like everything was being talked down, you're a student, I’m a teacher. I never once felt that way from Greg. I honestly just feel like he is a second dad or an older brother. He’s just one of the kindest, most humble people I’ve ever met. "

Will Boyd
Physical Therapist

"Greg is your mentor, he’s there for you whether you need a 15 minute phone call, whether you need an hour long phone call, whether it’s just your group of students getting together on a Monday night sitting on a Facebook LIVE conference call with him. He is always there for you and he’s just a click away whether you live in Cleveland, Ohio or you live in Tampa, Florida. I think that he does a really great job setting aside that one on one time with you and just being there. "

Amanda Pye
Physical Therapist

"I talked to Greg and told him Smart Success Healthcare was one of the best impulse buy I have done in my life, and I do a lot. As a young clinician, for those young clinicians out there, for those people who are now starting off, even those clinicians myself where you are trying to really get the best value for your money. No one is out there that is going to guide you like Greg."

Danelle Dickson


Week 1 - Calibrate Yourself

3 Lessons + Live Q&A w/ Greg + Weekly Execution Guide

Learn the most important information that you need to understand to become a super successful Healthcare Professional in today's market.

Hint: It's not what they taught you in school. Once you understand this, the floodgates will open with unlimited opportunities.

I share with you the top books, audiobooks and podcasts in all the major areas needed to develop yourself into a well rounded expert that people will want to work with and do business with.


Week 2 - Clarity

3 Lessons + Live Q&A w/ Greg + Weekly Execution Guide

School teaches us how to be a generalist.  In this week, I teach you how to do that in a way that is not overwhelming but allows you to have meaning and purpose throughout your entire career.

This week we focus on getting crystal clear on what is possible for you. We cover the Frameworks and Pathways that cause Clinical, Time and Financial Freedom.


In this lesson I teach you the 10X rule. This is what I have used over my career to achieve all of my career goals.

Week 3 - Visionary Embodiment

3 Lessons + Live Training w/ Chanelle Yoder + Weekly Execution Guide

GT Elite Coach Channel Yoder will teach you the skills required to connect with different personalities. You will complete a custom personality test to determine your strengths and weaknesses of your personality type.

Hint: There are 9 unique personality types each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Do you know which one you are?

Realizing the strengths of your personality and understanding how to interact with other personalities will allow you to grow your network and attract new clients in the process.


Week 4: Care Skills - Marketing

3 Lessons + Live Q&A w/ Greg + Weekly Execution Guide

Relevant marketing is the key to building your brand and your business. You have to understand how to market yourself if you want to build your tribe and grow your business! Week 4 is all about building your audience and getting your business noticed.


Week 4 starts with building your audience using the GT Method, and publicizing your journey to help and attract people through story. By the end of week for you’ll learn the GT Community Hack to double your audience in 3 weeks.

Week 5: Care Skills - Selling 

3 Lessons + Live Q&A w/ Greg + Weekly Execution Guide

This is where the magic happens. How about having a second job that doesn't involve you leaving your house, and at the same time takes care of your patients beyond what insurance dictates! It helps you develop long-term relationships with your patients, and build your personal brand while making additional income!

Week 5 kicks off with the 6 fundamental methods to sell to clients and how to use the GT pyramid and GT signature solution to enhance conversions and prices. By the end of this week you’ll learn and have access to 10 of GT’s top scripts for closing clients in clinic, workshop, or online.



Week 6 - Online Product Building

3 Lessons + Live Q&A w/ Greg + Weekly Execution Guide

In order to stop trading your time for money you need to be able to have a product. Something you can sell over and over that doesn’t take any of your time. The fastest and most effective method of achieving this is to have an online product.


This epic week opens with GT’s training on the 10 ways to make your first $1,000 online. The rest of the week is a virtual workshop geared to getting your first online product up and running by the end of the week.  During this in-depth workshop GT and his team will walk you through everything you need to go from ground zero to online product that's ready for new customers.


Week 7: Money 

3 Lessons + Live Q&A w/ Greg + Weekly Execution Guide

Once you start growing your audience in week 4, learn the fundamentals of effective marketing in week 5, and set up your online product in week 6… it’s time to start talking about the green stuff, Money!


Week 7 begins with GT’s training on how he became his own bank and how you can as well. Then Greg will show you how to set up your accounts better than the tax man so you can use the revenue from your online product to impact your life. Money Week wraps up with GT’s debt destroyer and money makeover plan, so your money can start working for you.

Week 8: Empire Builder


3 Lessons + Live Q&A w/ Greg + Weekly Execution Guide

By week 8 you're ready to take things to the next level and break free from the time for money trap. This week is all about setting up your business for future success.

Empire week kicks off with GT's Business Templates and Tools for Budgeting and Optimized Online Business Growth Plan. By the end of the week you will be mapping out your daily, weekly, and monthly goals to have the business you want to create the life you desire.

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Learn the frameworks proven to generate time and financial freedom.


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Get a free pass into our next 21/20 Healthcare Challenge. Even if you've taken the 21/20 Challenge before you'll enter with a brand new mind set with new goals and no limits.


Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with the training contained in this product and that it will provide you the basic knowledge, tools and templates you need to explode your PT career. If you are unsatisfied with the content of this training, please contact me personally.  If we are unable to resolve any issues, and as long as you contact me within 30 days of your purchase, I will refund you 100% of your payment price.


"In PT school, they really taught the skills. They are teaching you how to be a very general practitioner. They are not very concerned about your business or how you market to patients. But Smart Success really goes all those gaps and teaches you how to market to patients and reach to different demographics in order to use those clinical skills that you have learned in PT school."

Casey Coleman


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