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Julie Tellefsen

I have known Greg for over 8 years and during these years, he has been with me through all my ups and downs. I wouldn't change one part of this journey. Greg was the one person who help direct me to my passion of Physical Therapy and has been by my side through my entire Doctorate and now licensure process. Greg's positive attitude, support and belief in me has strongly built my confidence and perseverance

Calvin Randolph


I learned about Greg Todd from a fellow physical therapist and instantly started following his Periscope broadcast, YouTube and other social media. Greg has and will continue to be an invaluable resource and mentor to me and not just as physical therapist but as business entrepreneur, life-coach. He served as a daily inspiration and motivation. He has rejuvenated me. Making me look at myself and my profession in a whole new way that I have never thought of in just a short time. I wish I could have met him or took any of his course before I graduated PT school.

Lisa Chase

PT, OMPT, President and CEO of Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy, Inc.

I attended Greg Todd’s presentation on social media at last years PPS conference and was blown away. Greg has taken social media to an entirely new level for physical therapists. His instruction and step by step approach helped me gain more traction with my website and throughout my social media platforms. Greg is innovative, creative and makes social media much less intimidating for those who are not as familiar with its interworking’s. I can’t thank Greg enough for his input and secrets to success with social media. Anyone wanting to learn how to maximize their efforts through social media and grow their business should not miss out any opportunity to attend one of his presentations.