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June 5 - 6 2021 Orlando, Florida
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Jason Wright

"Come to SSPT live 2020 because not only are you going to be able to share what your visions are and what's your dreams are, but you're going to have hundreds of other people there supporting that dream too, and wanting to take us all to the top"

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Kaylee Simmerman

"The major takeaway that I had from SSPT live 2019 is I can do anything I want to do and I have to get out of allowing anxiety to be the thief of joy and allowing myself to anticipate and become excited about creating my legacy because it's happening and it's occurring, and I'm now enjoying the journey"

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Tim Woo

"As few words as possible, I would describe my SSPT live experience as the turning point. That's it from before I knew what the hell I was doing and how to take advantage of all the opportunities in my life"