Have you heard of a time scale? Dec 14, 2020

If you are like, "what the heck is that?"...well, let me show you!

For the longest time (see what I did there) I didn't measure how I was spending my time.

In this vlog, I show you how I created my own time scale and how you too can have your very own time scale!

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About to go to a dentist appointment and I thought of you Dec 11, 2020

That may seem weird, I know. But, I was about to head to my dentist appointment and I thought of you.

Do you ever have to do something important to get done but life gets in the way and it takes you four and a half years to complete?

Well, that happened to me.

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If you want a better life, do more of this Dec 09, 2020

Sometimes the simplest thing you could do is to just ask more questions.

That is what I found out in order to have a better life...ask more questions.

A couple days ago I decided to do this vlog to explain.

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Are you stressed? Dec 07, 2020

The answer, most of the time, is yes.

Being stressed almost is like a norm nowadays, but it doesn't have to be.

This past Saturday I went somewhere to bring my stress down and I wanted to share it with you.

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People over power Dec 04, 2020

I wanted you to know where my heart is when I am teaching you things in wealth, life, relationships, etc.

My knowledge of these things I am teaching you come from my experiences growing up.

In this vlog I share a story that has always resonated with me, especially in today's world.

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How to have FREE awesome experiences Dec 03, 2020

Not every experience has to cost money.

I recently took my daughters to the mall and we had a FREE experience we were not expecting to have.

In this vlog you will see what I am talking about.

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Are you in control? Dec 02, 2020

The answer no, you are not always in control.

But, there are some things you are in control of and there are things you are not in control of.

How do you handle it?

In this vlog, I explain how I handle what I am in control of and what I am not.

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