Let's play a game Nov 27, 2020

 In a way you are playing a game.

A game of life. I didn't realize I was playing a game until I became an entrepreneur, then it all made sense.

In this vlog I will explain what I mean.

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My Thanksgiving Message to You Nov 25, 2020

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am for you.

Here is my Thanksgiving message to you.

Many blessings.

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Change your life by doing this one thing Nov 24, 2020

It's all about perspective.

I changed my life by changing this one question I asked myself at the end of 2019.

Listen to my latest vlog to know how changing the question, changed everything.

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The walk of shame... Nov 23, 2020

This past weekend I made a walk of shame at a store.

I thought I could do something myself, but in reality it was better left to the professionals.

You can't win them all right? Hahaha.

In my latest vlog I give you the whole story.

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What do you value? Nov 20, 2020

You can value things but not make them a priority.

If you make them a priority, you will value that so much more.

Let me explain.

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How are you navigating life? Nov 19, 2020

Sometimes the seas can be rough.

It's all about how you approach those moments, especially in life.

This vlog explains the way you can navigate the seas of life, even when it is rough.

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How I get positive in the morning Nov 17, 2020

There are days I wake up and don't want to do anything.

Sometimes I have to convince myself to get out of bed.

But, when I get up, I do these things to get myself in a good, positive mood.

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I have the formula to happiness Nov 17, 2020

Someone gave me a hat that has the formula to happiness.

I was a little skeptical at first.

But, in my latest vlog, I explain the formula to happiness and what each part of the equation means.

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Don't blink Nov 16, 2020

Have you heard that before? I know it is a popular country song, but it is true.

The days are long but the years are short. A few weeks ago I took my oldest daughter to take an exam.

I still remember the day she was born.

I wanted to share this video from the day I took her to her exam and how...

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The freedom of NO SPEECH Nov 12, 2020

There is freedom of speech, but there is freedom of NO SPEECH.

The next time you want to respond to a social media post or someone's comment while talking to them, just stop and think if you need to respond or not.

In my latest vlog, I express how powerful the freedom of no speech really is.

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