Why Passion is the Key to Success

Oct 27, 2019

Have you ever been so passionate about something that you can actually see it in your mind? It’s like baking a cake and envisioning people smiling as they get a slice. I have always believed that Passion is the key to success. 


Passion create innovation, passion creates vision and that’s the major key. 


When I opened up the Wesley Chapel in 2005 , I have a passion for helping the people in Wesley Chapel, gain their strength, their  mobility, their lives back through the skills that I had as a physical therapist. First day I open that place I had that passion. The problem is this, when I walked into place 2500 square foot  place no one’s there. 

 Watch the video here: Why Passion is the Key To Success

But because I had passion like I actually envisioned it. I saw the place being full like how it’s gonna be today. I saw it, I saw from 12 years ago. Because I had passion and I was able to translate that into vision.  

Two years ago, I was creating this course called smart success PT.  A course I was going through step by step of all the things that I know someone needs to do to take over my practice . Everything that I need to do to clone myself.  I was creating it so good I know it was gonna be this big today.

I had vision, with so much passion for  what I was creating that I had to envision what it was gonna be. I didn’t know all these people in my course yet but I had vision . . 

I was thinking that it’s gonna blow up and didn’t blow up right away. It did it. I had passion for SSPT.  I knew it was the right thing to do. I knew it. So here’s something that’s a common theme throughout all my power calls. When I’m trying to calibrate people , the first thing I have to do is yo break their old belief systems. Most of you are doubtful on doing things because you think you can’t do it in healthcare. Of course you can.

You have to understand that you got to be the innovator or you’re gonna be the duplicator. If you want to be the innovator, you have to have a passion because passion breeds belief. You have to see something and an innovator is someone seeing something before it's actually created. That’s what an innovator is . 

Everybody is waiting for something else to happen before they do it.  That means that you’re not an innovator , you’re just waiting to be a duplicator . Whatever you have in mind today , I want you to ask yourself the following questions

  1. Is it something that I really want to do? 
  2. Is this something that could serve people?

If the answer is YES, then go for it.

The innovators always win.

It’s harder , it's harder on the front end because you have people that don’t even what it is that you’re creating . But you gotta see it before they even see. That’s part of being an innovator . 

You go see things before everybody sees it. That means you have belief. 

How do you have belief? It’s passion. Whatever you want to do start with passion, start with the thing that you’re passionate about , start with the thing whether I make money off this for not . Remember you’re trying to get people to see something that only you see, and that takes time.


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