The game I'm trying to get you all to win in healthcare

Mar 11, 2019

It’s not the money game.

It’s the time game.

That’s what I’m trying to get you to win.

I just finished listening to a message at church, that talked about the importance of rest.

This week in my devotionals, Pastor Rick Warren focused on the Sabbath… And the importance of rest.

When someone asks us how we are doing, naturally we want to say how busy we are… It’s almost like we have this busy badge of honor… And I just don’t think that’s a good thing.

I’m naturally not someone who likes to rest… But luckily for me, I’m married to someone that understands the importance of me not going 100 mph all the time.

Because of that, she has saved my life…

She’s made me look at my career in a different light… And understand the importance of winning the time gain more than the money game.

That’s what my goal is for all of you. To teach you how to win the time game.

That’s the intention of every podcast, live stream, blog and YouTube video. Train the people to learn how to win the time game in healthcare.

And I’m realizing, that that’s probably the reason why I want people to come to SSPT Live so badly. I want them to see what the fruits look like when you actually win the time game.

Having businesses and making a good living is cool… But having the people that are closest to you love and honor you so much, because you’ve cracked the code on the time game because you’ve been able to invest in their lives is 10 times better than having the money.

Meet me at

And I want people to see it in person… I want them to be able to hear from my family how cool it is when you can actually win the time game in healthcare.

I want them to hear from my employees how it is to not have to work five days a week and How we do it and stay successful and relevant in healthcare with our physical therapy clinics.

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