Networking with Winners

Dec 04, 2017

Last year, I went to this LIVE event called Marketing Impact Academy, and when I went to Marketing Impact Academy I learned a lot of cool stuff there, but honestly Chalene Johnson (my mentor and host of the event) kind of rehashed a lot of the stuff in her course.

Most of the people that were there were part of the course but they hadn’t gone through it like me. But I still spent the $6,000 to go, because of the networking. 

I was one of Chalene’s top students and they asked me to do a testimonial for her, so they brought me into this hotel room and I met the guy who was interviewing me. After he interviewed me, he was like, “You really have done well from this stuff.”

I am like, “yeah, it’s been amazing.”

He’s like, “Would you mind meeting with me?”

I am like, “I’ll meet with you.”

I had no idea who this guy really was. I ended up meeting with him. He was telling me some of the issues he’s had and I’m like, “this is what I would do if I was you…” so I started telling him a few things.

And the next day, he was like, “Would you mind meeting with me again?” 

Me: Yup

Watch the video here: Networking with Winners

This guy ended up speaking at my live event this year. Let me tell you who he is. Do you watch thos infomercials at night?

Like those robot vacuum cleaners, Beachbody, P90X, Insanity, MMA, when they do those stories on the fighters before the fight? It’s his company. His name is Ken Kerry. He is the CEO of ScriptToScreen. He’s the one who did all of Chalene’s testimonials that allowed her to have a $6M launch. She went up 600% because of this guy.

Ken Kerry is the man.

Just because I networked and I was able to cultivate a relationshi, .Ken Kerry flew from California to Renewal Rehab 3 months after that event. He did the same exact thing for my patients that he charges $25,000-$50,000 to other companies. Eight of my patients spent an entire day with him.

This is networking.

Do you want to know how I got on the Pro Tennis Tour?

I worked with 3 top 10 players in the world three years into my physical therapy career. Do you think at three years into being a PT I had any reason to work with those people? Did that really have to do with my skillset?


When you hear this little thing about “You’re the average of the five people you are around the most”  

That really is true. If you're around a bunch of winners, the people that are hustling, the people that are always trying to find the next breakthrough - chances are you are going to get a breakthrough. That’s just the way that it works.

Networking is the key to your career. Networking and connections are the key to elevating you. I’m not saying that you are going to wait for someone to give you a breakthrough, but when you are a hard worker then you need to be around people that are movers and shakers because they are actively finding. They are not waiting around and saying, “Whenever the sweet Lord Jesus just brings somebody to my lap, but until then I’ll just be really quiet.” These are the people that are saying, “I’m going for it. I am talking to people. I am making connections.”

You gotta network. It’s never been easier. You got Instagram and Facebook, and you know who the winners are, you know who the movers and shakers are.  

Email them, talk to them... reach out to them. They will help level you up!!!


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