Making your dreams a reality

Nov 25, 2019

Have you stopped dreaming?

For yourself? 

For your family? 

For your future family?

I believe it’s one of the most powerful gifts God has given us. 

I also believe most of us are repressing it.

I dream a lot

I mean lots......

And sometimes, my dreams become my reality.

Last night it happened again.

Last night I took over 100 healthcare professionals (PTs, OTs, Dietitians, Physicians, and Chiropractors) on a cruise over the Clearwater Intercoastal waterways.


Yup..... get this.....

That was in celebration of us spending two days together building our businesses in preparation for 2020.

5 years ago, that was just a pipe dream.

My reality 5 years ago, was that although I was a successful healthcare entrepreneur healthcare professionals and entrepreneurship didn’t go together. I was just the odd ball.

5 years ago, my reality was that PTs didn’t like and work with other PTs. They were viewed as competition. And let’s not even mention the fact that working with other chiropractors, OTs, and other disciplines wasn’t gonna happen.

Well now that dream has become my reality.

Today, I want to encourage you to use that gift.

Dream a bit. It feels good. 

And if you are willing to work hard and go for it,  and believe it really can be there, it might just become your reality.

Go crush it this week!

P.S. - I’m on my way to the airport to spend the next 2 days in California for some business. Please pray for traveling protection over me. I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S.S - I would love for you to be a part of our community of world changers. Check out our program here and if that seems pretty darn amazing, then apply for next year!


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