Let's Get It!

Feb 11, 2018


My biz partner and I were talking about this before the event.  

He gave me feedback about my students and he was very impressed with them. Mike's from Greece, I’m from Jamaica and we’re both from immigrant families.

I know many of you are Americans so I know that maybe this won't resonate with you as much, but when you’re from another country, you look at America as the land of opportunity.

When we became biz partners, we knew we could go and get it if we could serve people in a certain way, and if we could use the gifts that we had gotten from physical therapy school.

I grew up with that mentality. I have two brothers, and we lived in a middle-class neighborhood, called Pembroke Pines.

When I was growing up, these kids that lived around us would say to their mommy or their daddy:

“I want a radio-controlled car”

“I want a go-cart”

Some of them would get it.

They would get it sometimes if they got good grades, or sometimes if they didn’t go to detention their parents would buy it for them, or for sure would get it for Christmas.

If I said to my mom,

“Mom, I would love to get Jordans”

My parents would say,

“Well, you're gonna get $30 for shoes and you can just figure out what you wanna do from there"

Sometimes I'd just save the $30 and I would go and mow lawns and wash cars.

If I wanted to wash enough cars and do it for a couple of months, maybe I could go get a pair of Jordans.

This is just the way it was. The truth is that I did get Jordans in 7th Grade, and I wore them until the whole front of them tore out - I was walking around school like Moses. :)

It wasn’t given to me, so  I went and got it.

That’s been the whole theme of my life. I’m not the smartest guy, I’m not the most intelligent guy, but I sure can go after it. 

Watch the video here: Let's Get It

But I’ve always had this mentality that my parents have taught me and that is if you want it, it’s out there for you but you’re gonna have to go and get it.


Let’s talk about how this all makes sense with PT. If you think about it, you've invested a lot of money into becoming a physical therapist.

But there’s nothing owed to you.

Whatever you want, you have to go and get it.

If you want to work with a certain group of people, then go get it. 

That’s what it means. If you want great out of life, it is not going to be given to you. I don’t care if you live in America, it’s not gonna be given to you. But if you adapt the mindset that I need to go and get mine, I need to go and take mine, and it’s there for me. It’s probably better if I team up with other people that could help me get mine and I could help them get theirs. It ends up becoming a very beautiful thing.


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