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Jan 19, 2020

I want to talk about what not trading time for money looks like.

I just got back from some much needed time away with my wife.

With 4 kids and 5 businesses, I think we could use it every once in a while :)

We were able to go out on breakfast dates, lunch dates and dinner dates… we walked the beach, laughed and spent lots of time together.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Gmail and Voxer were all deleted from my phone as of Thursday morning. I just added them back when I got back Sunday.

And I didn’t have to feel guilty at all of not working and making impact…

I’m sure you all saw me on social media, and I’m assuming that I gave plenty of value to you. That was me using technology in my favor so I wouldn’t have to trade time for bringing you value.

I just checked the 21/20 challenge platform that I’m serving 472 students through, and I see plenty of very satisfied customers with the content that was received from Wednesday to Friday. That was me using technology in my favor so I wouldn’t have to trade time for bringing value.

All of this while having my most important relationship in my life strengthened and solidified, which ironically requires MY TIME!

I just don’t feel in today’s world, we have an option NOT to do this. This has been an ongoing process for me, but as my wife and I talked about this weekend, there’s no longer a “what’s our way out of this?” It took lots of work to get to the point where I could do this for multiple businesses, but it’s totally worth it.

Would you like to learn how to do this???

I’ve been teaching students in my newest 21 day challenge how to do this. But guess what????

I’ve decided to open up the last day of the challenge to the public and show you what it actually takes to no longer exclusively trade time for money...

It’s called the 2020 Formula.

And it’s EPIC!!!!

Here’s a link to sign up.

Besides making sure that you are signed up, would you be willing to share this with any of your friends or colleagues that you know have struggled with personal aspects of their life because of the limitations in their career?


I would greatly appreciate it… Because 15 years ago when I was struggling with my relationship with my wife, directly because of the frustrations that I was having and feeling stuck in my career with the lack of time I had, I would’ve been very grateful for someone that would have introduced me to this way of life. So when we know better, we can do better… All I’m asking is that you help others that want to be helped.

Their family and future family will thank you for it.

Thank you all.


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