Having Vision In Your Life

Aug 26, 2018

I want to tell you a story about my biz partner, Mike.

About 18 years ago, he used to market by going to high school football games and working the sidelines. Back then he just knew how to market and how to build relationships with people by going to high school football games and being on the sideline with physicians. He told me, “Sometimes it would be pouring rain, and he's out there just drenched...kinda sucked..."

He was doing this week after week after week.... month after month after month. If a player got hurt, then he would have like an emergency clinic on Saturday and do a quick assessment with the orthopedic surgeon.

He told me that when he was out there, he would have a vision of him going to Greece, which is where he's from. He'd have a vision of him being able to be in a situation in his business, where one day he would go to Greece. He said, “Sometimes I would daydream out there in the rain, that I was back in my homeland.” Pretty impressive huh? 

Today my biz partner goes to Greece three to four times a year and spends three weeks each time.

Watch the full video here: Having Vision in Your Life

He said when he was going through the tough times, he had a vision of what he was going to be able to achieve. So it allowed him to do it push every single week, and he enjoyed the process. He didn't enjoy the times when the rain was pelting on him, but through those tough times, he had vision. And today, he was doing exactly what he envisioned.



I have run four marathons..... and when you run marathons you train a lot, as you run 14-20 mile long runs on the weekends. The last marathon I trained for was in 2009, and it was the San Francisco marathon. When I was training for my marathons -  there would be times that I would come through my neighborhood and would envision that it was the finish line. And I would envision seeing my wife and my kids at the finish line.

The vision was so clear and real to me that it made me cry during my training runs. That's what allowed me to continue to go out there and pound the miles, and I always had this vision that I was going to be able to finish a marathon in 3 hours and 10 minutes.

So did it ever happen?


I’ve never completed a marathon in three hours and ten minutes. The best I've ever done was three hours and 50 minutes, but I had a vision, and that's what kept me going. Because I always envisioned the finish line. I didn't obsess over it every single day, but I envisioned it, and that's what got me through the tough training days.

When I did live streams in the early days,  I envisioned that I would have hundreds of people that would listen in...I envisioned it. When I came up with this thing called Smart Success PT Live,  I envisioned the people that I would have at the event. There are 12 people in my private mastermind group, and I envisioned them all being there. 

Do you have a vision? Do you have any idea for what it is that you want to achieve?

You have to see it.

Every single day, you have to see it. You can't focus on it so that it takes you off your current actual mission, but you have to see it; You have to see your clinic, your empire, or whatever it is that you aspire to have. 


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