Attitude of Gratitude

Nov 26, 2017

Gratitude..that's it!

The whole weekend before the SSPT Live Event last May I told myself, “Lord, please just keep me in that gratitude mindset."


How can you be a great clinician if you’re not always in a state of gratitude? If you’re not constantly in a positive state?

I don’t always feel positive, but I’ve just disciplined myself to think  positive thoughts. How much God had blessed me with my situation whether it was when I had my one-bedroom apartment, or whether it was when I had my two-bedroom apartment.

Or even when I downgraded from my two-bedroom to my one-bedroom apartment. Or when I got my first home, or my second home; it doesn’t matter if you have been with me through my journey, you've seen that I've always kept an attitude of gratitude.

 Watch the full video here: Attitude of Gratitude

Are you grateful for every single patient that comes to your door? 

Are you thankful?

Every single customer that comes into your line of business...are you grateful?

If you are, your whole attitude changes. If you’re not, you’re just not gonna be as effective.


I show you this picture above, because of a quick story I want to tell you. 

That was at SSPT Live 2017...and about 20% of the people I had never met before the event. A few of those 20% registered pretty last minute, and I reached out to them to help them get accommodations after our room block sold out.

A few of them said to me, "I didn't expect the host of the event to go this far to help me..." 

You know why I did it? 

Because I’m thankful. When you’re thankful, you do stuff for people. When you’re thankful, you show it. 

We focus so much in the field of physical therapy on the next technique and the next certification, and we’re trying to do so many things.

But I do believe that so many PTs are trying to bark at the wrong tree to ascend in their career. “I need to get this certification, I need to get these three more letters behind my name, I need to be able to apply this new technique…” and I really feel like the missing ingredient for most physical therapists is disciplining themselves to stay in a state of gratitude and thankfulness.

I believe that if you did that, it would show because when you’re grateful and thankful, it just means a lot to the people you're around.

This is a very simple formula. If you want to excel in the field of physical therapy, you’re gonna have to discipline yourself to be in a constant state of gratitude. You’re gonna have to discipline yourself to be in a constant state of thankfulness.

When you do that, your energy changes. You respond to things differently, you start smiling, you start looking at things differently, and people see that. 

Most of the people you interact with on a daily basis are broken physically and usually if they’re broken physically, that means they’re broken emotionally and mentally as well. Just understand, that’s the only reason why people see you. So if you aren’t bringing that energy, then you’re not doing them justice.



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