Who should you trust right now?

Mar 22, 2020

A FB friend of mine posted this message on her FB page yesterday:

“So now we have all gone thru a week or so of social distancing, searching and waiting for supplies, watching the world around us shrink as things close. We need answers we cannot get. We are asked to trust our government locally and federally but there is SO much fake info, hysteria and mere opinions, and conspiracy theories (which are fun for entertainment to read) but how do we all keep moving forward when it’s hard to see what’s ahead? I really don’t know who to trust other than my personal friends and family. It’s hard not to buy into the gloom and doom but it’s so hard to find truth. That is the scariest thing is to literally not knowing real from fake. What are you all doing to seek truth and stay sane?”

Here’s my answer to this:

Be careful what and who you are constantly listening to.

Replace FEAR with CURE.


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