Be the Change

Dec 10, 2017

"Be The Change"

There are two groups of people.

There are 

1. “Things gotta change in PT, and we need change!” people


2."We are changing. What the hell are you talking about?” people


Watch the video here: Be the Change

The field of Physical Therapy has never been in a better situation.


Because people are much more consumer-minded. Meaning that people realize that “I don’t wanna be loaded up on medications. I don’t wanna have to go in for a procedure.”

They just don’t know what their other options are, so the PTs that know how to sell themselves the best will have business lined up for them out the door. 

These PTs understand that they are not gonna do it with the way "Danny Dino" did in 1979, because Danny Dino was playing under a different set of rules. He was getting paid $200 for every patient he saw, and it didn’t even matter how good he/she was... they just got paid for it. 

Decide that in your life. Are you gonna be  “We need change. We need reform. We need this.” or are you just gonna say, “It’s my damn life. It’s my career.” nobody strangled you and put a gun to your head to be a PT.


Go figure it out. Be around people that have already changed.

Insurance has been a garbage since I’ve been a PT. I’ve been a PT for nearly 17 years now. It’s not gonna get any better.  It’s just the way that insurance companies make money.

Just figure out ways around it.

I have.

My SSPT  students have. You’re gonna figure it out too. Just change.

If you keep talking about it, then maybe you’re part of the problem.

I want you to ask yourself that today.

Who are you?

What are you saying to yourself?

Who are the people that you’re around?

I can’t answer these questions for you. I’m not here to sell you on anything. I’m here just to tell you, “You need to answer those hard questions for yourself”

Answer that question today and then just decide what you want to do moving forward.


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