This Is NOT Like Any Other Event!
Unlike other PT conferences, this isn’t one big CEU-a-thon.

You won’t be confused by a parade of random speakers trying to teach you how to market to physicians or tell you how their clinical skills are the best in the world. (Let’s face it, that just leaves you with more questions than when you arrived, right?)

We've designed this 3-day event to be a cohesive JOURNEY.

Every speaker that you’ll listen to has been strategically picked by the team (and placed in a strategic order) because they have MASTERED a specific piece of what it takes to accelerate your career.

We'll be taking you on the END-TO-END journey from

“Here’s How You Get Your Foundations In Place To Create An Amazing Career as a PT”


“Here’s How to Start a Physical Therapy Practice or a Side Hustle and Earn 6 Figures as a PT”


“Here’s ALL Of The Scaling Strategies And Systems You’ll Need To Grow And Automate Your Business So You Can Go On Vacation!”

It’s a process.

Which means, you’ll need to be in EACH session (notebook in hand), so you don’t miss any of the key steps along the path.




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