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Hey, I'm Greg,

I'm the brains behind SmartSuccessHealthcare!

I'm not your run-of-the-mill physical therapist. After a stint on the WTA tour working with pro tennis players, I hit a breaking point. Burnout was real, and when my request for time off got shut down, I knew it was time for a change.

That's when I dived headfirst into entrepreneurship. Fast forward, and I've built and scaled multiple businesses, tallying up over $30M in revenue. In 2009, I birthed Smart Success Healthcare, a coaching and consulting powerhouse that's equipped thousands of healthcare professionals across various specialties to kickstart and amplify their online ventures.

My mission? To empower 10,000 healthcare providers, liberating them from burnout and financial binds, so they can make a resounding impact on healthcare while enjoying a fulfilling life and career.

So, if you're ready to chase greatness, I'm here to lead the way!

Empowering Healthpreneurs:

How Healthcare’s Newest Innovator is Redefining Time

We're all about helping PTs, OTs, Dietitians, and Chiropractors achieve consistent monthly profit by using our Smart Leveraged Business Model.

How? By guiding healthcare heroes like you to build businesses that don't tie you down to trading hours for dollars. We're talking smart offers, marketing wizardry, and top-notch communication, all backed by our HIPAA-Compliant software.

No fluff here. We believe in hustle, but the kind that actually pays off. It's not about more work, it's about the right work. Doing more of the wrong stuff? That's a no-go. We're all about keeping it sharp, not silly.

I realized that my credentials and years of experience wouldn't get me home more with my kids and wife. So I had to learn the business. How to grow a real business. I realized that the key was to leverage everything I could. Leverage marketing, sales, people, and my offers. I had to learn different skills in order to accomplish this. In the process of learning this, I was able to build high-profit clinics that brought us over 50k+ profits/month.

The Todd Squad

Even though many people know me as a mentor and a business coach, my role as a husband and a father are my biggest priorities! My wife and I have gotten to the point where we have had the opportunity and blessing to homeschool our 4 children! The main reason we have been able to do that is because of the success of our businesses. I'm able to play a bigger role in their lives than I had prior to having multiple businesses. I've used businesses to create the lifestyle that I want with my family. Here are few snippets of my family... aka "The Todd Squad"

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The ultimate guide for unlocking achievement in every corner of your life. Everything from business to mastering your personal relationships to balancing a fulfilling home life.


SSHC Campaign Software is an all-one HIPPAA-compliant business solution for all healthcare business owners who are looking to have automated systems for getting new clients, new testimonials, and lead your clients into online programs and offerings. This software handles all email, text and online programming for your potential and current clientele.


Learn to break out of the time for money trap by creating a business designed to bring toy the time and clinical & financial freedom you've dreamed of.


Are you able to sustain your lifestyle with the money you are currently making? You may be struggling to answer that. But I am here to help! Click the image above to find a Financial Freedom Calculator that will help you determine if you are able to maintain your current lifestyle. If you can’t, I can help!

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© 2023 Smart Success Healthcare

Text us at 813-534-6453 or