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Greg Todd is the co-owner of Renewal Rehabilitation in Wesley Chapel and Hyde Park. He graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Therapy, and received his CSCS through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2000. He has over 16 years of experience in outpatient physical therapy and sports medicine. Greg is a board certified OCS through the APTA.

Greg has served as the official physical therapist for Saddlebrook Tennis and Golf Resorts for the past 10 years, and works as a consultant for professional tennis players on the ATP and WTA tour. Greg also serves as an online mentor to over 3,000 physical therapists throughout the United States and abroad and is the creator of the Smart Success PT Online Academy that helps physical therapists thrive within their career. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports, and spending time with his wife and four children


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Smart Success PT

This is the ultimate practice handbook for physical therapists that are looking to create a meaningful career. Everything is addressed in this online course. How to find the ideal job, negotiating salaries, how to monetize yourself as a PT beyond traditional billing, explaining common clinical conditions that patients will understand, and promoting and branding yourself on social media!!


Smart Success PT LIVE 2018

The ultimate business and marketing conference for Physical Therapists. How is it that you grow your practice/career without burning yourself out? How do you create effective systems within your business? From treatments, to marketing, and everything in between? Our speakers will show you step by step how I have freed myself from daily practice, along with creating a 7 figure business and creating a family culture within my team!

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Greg Todd Mastermind Group

Full lifetime access to 8 modules (Currently 80+ lessons, with 2 new lessons added monthly) of the latest advancements in Clinical, Business Strategies, Marketing, Insurance, Wellness Advancements, Social Media, Optimation Breakthroughs for PTs, Technology Advancements... Specifically geared towards Physical Therapists. This is all material not released in any of Greg's other courses.



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Joses is a graduating student in Doctorate in Physical Therapy this August, 2017 from Andrews University.

He encountered a PT blog post on Facebook, written by one of his good friends Casey Coleman while he was on a clinical rotation in Mansfield, Ohio. At the time, Casey was a Second year student in his school’s PT program. Reading the blog led him to immediately contact Casey to inquire about how and why he had started putting up PT blog posts and more. It certainly caught his attention. It was beyond what they had been taught to do in PT school and HE WANTED IN! 



Fallon is a physical therapist near the Philadelphia, PA area. She completed her doctorate in physical therapy at Widener, where she got the opportunity to continue her passion of track and field as an assistant jumps coach. Track and field, injury prevention, and athletic performance is where her heart is. Now she has recently founded Elite Feet Performance to follow her dreams and help track and field athletes and coaches around the globe.



Will recently graduated from PT school in December, 2016 and is passionate about working with older adults and patients who have been experiencing chronic pain. Outside of the clinic, he is the host of two podcasts, The Knowbodies Podcast and the Breaking Student Debt Podcast. Will ultimately hopes to be a part-time clinician and full-time media company owner in order to satisfy his interests in both fields.




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